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Dr Who Original Target

Chris's first commission to illustrate three Dr Who book covers came in 1973. Over the next few years he went on to produce over 30 covers for Target series, becoming something of a cult figure in his own right with the readers. The varied and exciting visual from Chris's illustrations, each one summing up the spirit of the programme itself, largely contributed to the success of the book series and introduced many of new devotees to the show.

Collection of original Target Dr Who cover illustrated by Chris, shown in chronological order as originally published. The color of the logos were changed as the book were reprinted.

Dr Who target reprint 2011-12-16

In July 2011, BBC Books announced the reprinted of the classic novelisations from the original Dr Who Target range of the 1970s. The serie was launched at Forbidden Planet in London with the first 6 books using their original cover and indside illustrations by Chris Achilleos. Another serie of 6 books featuring Chris's artwork was published in May 2012.

Dr Who BBC audio CD