Posters and Covers

The Batman poster

'This is a proof copy of proposed poster that Athena was to print as part of the promotion of the movie. The artwork was not used at this late stage after a closer look at the stars contract! Needless to say, I was quite disappointed at this, as was Warner Bros. But I did get paid and I have a rather nice painting to show.'

The Batman Athena Calendar poster.


Size 21"x 30"
illustration board, ink and acrylics

Riding High

On Dangerous Ground

Riding High

Clash of the Titans

This was my design for the movie poster commissioned by the film company and approved by Ray Haryhousant but unfortunately, it was decided that they prefer to use the same artist as used on the star wars poster. Much to my disappointment.

Riding High The original film soundtrack album cover.

Riding-High Album cover.