Posters and Covers

Grease 2

Grease 2 The poster.

Grease 2 / The bike.

'This remains as one of the most challenging paintings that I remember doing. The guy with his perfectly iron jeans rather spoiled it for me.'

Grease 2 / The bike poster.

Girls Just Want to have Fun

Girls Just Want to Have Fun / Movie poster.

Twilight Zone

The Twilight movie poster.

Horror House


Illustration for a video cover.

Swamp Thing


Illustration for a video cover.

The Lamp


Illustration for a video cover.

Riding High

Clash of the Titans

This was my design for the movie poster commissioned by the film company and approved by Ray Haryhousant but unfortunately, it was decided that they prefer to use the same artist as used on the star wars poster. Much to my disappointment.