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Saint George and the Dragon


The Viking Raid


"One of my favourite covers form the Brian Boyle Studio days 1970-1972, from a series of four to which I gave a wraparound uniform cover design.

Illustration for the book cover 'Tros' by Talbot Mundy. The first book of Tros of Samonthrace. Gouach on watercolour board.

Celts and Romans

The Age of Conan


This was the follow up painting from "The World of Odysseus", but on the same frieze design. By this time, I have discovered the amazing writing of Robert E Howard so my interests have shifted away from the classics to the fantasy.

1969 is also the year when I left college and started my career as an Illustrator.

Oils on hardboard/masonite. Size: 62"x 20"



"This was done at home after reading 'The Odyssey' by Homer, in the style of the frieze. It was my first use of oil colours, later to be abandoned when I started my professional work."

1966 was my first year at Hornsey College of Art.
Original size: 51"x17"
Oils on hardboard/masonite.

The War of Powers

The War of Powers by R. E. Varderthan

You Are The Hero


Book cover commission.

Duel in the snow


Book cover commission.



Commissioned by Jeff Wayne for the album 'Spartacus'.