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Orc Hero


This painting was inspired by the empathy we can sometimes feel for the monster, when it is attacked and brought down by overwhelming odds.

Book cover illustration for "The Trolltooth Wars ~ A Fighting Fantasy Novel" by Steve Jackson.

The Bog Creature


Illustration for magazine cover.

Red Hell


A collection of creatures and monsters from the wonderful world of fighting fantasy created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.

illustration for fighting fantasy monsters book 'Out of the Pit' by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.



Book cover designed for 'Amok King of Legend' by Bernard L Ross.



;I made a few changes on this after it was published.

Illustration for the book cover of 'Unicorn Point' by Piers Anthony.



Bookcover illustration


(1988 - 1990)

Commission for a double-spread book cover. At the time I painted this picture, the fashion had moved away from heroic action packed imagery to something a little subtler.

Illustration for the book cover

Broken Sword


Cover illustration for a historical fantasy novel which featured a wandering shaman.

Illustration for a book cover.

The Frozen God


Book cover illustration for 'Raven 3' The Frozen God by Richard Kirk.