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The Suns of Scorpio


The Suns of Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers.

Crystal Guardian


Computer game box cover for "Bloodwych".

Guardian of the Gate


Book cover illustration for "Temple of Terror" by Ian Livingstone.

Trial by Combat


Bookcover illustration for "The Grail War" by R. Monaco. Also used for a game box cover "Warrior Knights" by Games Workshop.

The King Must Die


"I owe the inspiration for this picture to the epic film of El Cid. In the final duel, the hero pins is adversary to the ground with his massive two handed sword."

Illustration for the cover of the role-playing board game box 'Blood Royale', commissioned by Games Workshop.

Chariot Race


Game box cover illustration for "Carthage".



"Defiant was a fantasy board game commission. When the original was returned, I cut away six inches from the right-hand side and painted a new figure of a girl over the two original characters. I like it much better now."

Who Dies First ?


Role playing game box cover illustration.

Battle at the Red Arch


Another battle scene painted in 1990, where I decided to use a looser style, similar to that one shown in "Berserker".

Illustration for board game.