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Swords of Shahrazar


Bookcover illustration for "Swords of Shahrazar" by Robert E Howard.



Bookcover illustration for "Skull-Face" by Robert E Howard.



This was my first attempt for the "Nightwinds" by Karl Edward Wagner book cover. It was abandoned and left unfinished as I couldn't take out of my mind the other more involved concept: Kane's Stand.

Unpublished work.

By This Axe I Rule (KING KULL)


Book cover illustration for "King Kull" by Robert E Howard.



In this painting, more than any others, one can plainly see the influence that the master Frank Frazetta had on me in the early part of my career (as it also did for almost all other young fantasy artists of my generation).

It was an honour to have met the late Mr Wagner who loved the painting and bought the original from me.

Book cover illustration for 'Darkness Weaves' by Karl Edward Wagner.



The Quest


In this picture I show an army of the dead from another dimension consisting of animated corpses, some of which have progressed in demons of rank.

Book cover illustration for "The War Hound and the World's Pain" by Michael Moorcock.

The Bull and the Spear

(1975 - 1993)

Illustration for the book cover of "The Bull and The Spear" by Michael Moorcock, featuring the hero Corum.

I have long admired the Fantasy writing of Michael Moorcock and commissions for Moorcock covers have always been a delight to paint as he is such a visual writer.