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Death Struggle


Bookcover illustration painted for "Fearless Master of the Jungle" by JT Edson.

Soul Stealer


A popular design used alot on custom cars and bikes and seen often tattooed on muscular arms.

Book cover illustration for 'Tanith' by Jack D Shackleford, published by Corgi Books Ltd.

Enter the Hero


Wrap round book cover art. I'm a big fan of the American pulp-fantasy writer Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan. I intended this to be just like an opening to one of his amazing short stories, thus the title "Enter the Hero".

Book cover illustration for Robert E. Howard's World of Heroes.

Of Men and Beasts


Book cover illustration for "Almuric" by Robert E Howard.

Conan Defiant


I have since reworked this piece a little. This a natural process for me since I don't consider any of my paintings to ever be fully finished.

Illustration for the book cover 'The Shadow Kingdom' by Robert E. Howard.

One Against Many


This book is one of a series of 3 commissionned by Orbit Publications where Chris has also designed the banner enclosing the authors name. He painted a similar banner for a Michael Moorcock book series.

Illustration for the book cover of "Worms Of The Earth" by Robert E. Howard.




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Lost Valley of Iskander


Book cover illustration for "The Lost Valley of Iskander" by Robert E Howard.