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MAYA 1992 -
"My tribute to central amerian civilisations, more specifically to the "keepers of time": the Maya"

La Vigilante


Another favourite of mine and part of my cat series featuring two black leopards.

Original artwork for sale. Contact the artist for price.

Eagle Warriors


Book cover illustration

Starship Captain


Bookcover illustration



This painting features my friend Julia, a tall red haired Aryan beauty wearing a fabulous armour that my pal Terry English made especially for her.

Celtic Queen


Working for "Men's Only" magazine and the art director Roger What was a real pleasure. As in this case, I would would go completely off the title and context that was expected for a skin magazine and deliver a total surprise. Roger had no idea what he was going to get next! My favourite part of this picture is the ram's horn helmet which is not strictly historical but is based on Celtic craftsmanship.
This was pirated and used as a bronze figurine.

Commissioned by Paul Reymond Publications Ltd for the magazine 'Men Only'.

Greek Partisan


Illustration for a 1983 calendar project.

Black Guerilla

Illustration for the 'Amazon' portfolio.

Elephant Walk

(1978 - 1985)

Originally painted for a bookcover illustration, and modified in 1985.