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Lynx Woman


You might notice that they both have the same eyes, my way of showing the power of shape-shifting.



Painted for the 'Amanons' portfolio.



Portfolio illustration

Big With Vengeance


My favourite part is the head, but I also enjoyed painting the elk teeth embroidered on her buckskin shirt, the markings on her leggings that refer to raids. The red spot on her feather symbolises that she has killed an enemy.

Apache Renegade


Here is another Native American. This time I chose to paint an Apache, the last tribe to hold out against the white migrants that have overwhelmed and taken over their lands.

Acrylics on coloured rag paper.
Original artwork for sale. Contact the artist for price.

Dragon Queen


Originally painted for the cover of "Brothers of the Dragons", this image has been reproduced in many other forms. The girls costume is made from dragon scales.

Walk on the Wilde Side


Painted for a fantasy novel book cover in 1992.

Beauty and the Beast


A large oil painting done especially for the FPG's second fantasy art trading card set in 1993.

Original artwork for sale. Contact the artist for price.



Part of Chris's ongoing plan to paint the entire cat family, catwalk was the chance to paint a beautiful leopard in 1990.

Size 37" x 30", 94cm x 76cm