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Miss America


Chris was asked to create an illustration to epitomise an article written about the rise of the American woman. This was the image he came up with and has since become one of his most iconic and popular images.

The Young Dragon Trainer


During an exhibition in Germany, the Japanese artist Hajime Soroyama suggested to Chris that they exchange a painting and it was this one he chose.

None commissioned.



When the Amazons went to fight alongside the Trojans in the Trojan War, their sudden impact on the battlefield drove the Greeks back, to the extent that they called on their great champion, Achilles, to come to their aid. As there was great honour in defeating another champion, the proud Achilles eagerly went out to confront Penthesilea, the champion and Queen of the Amazons.

Amazon BC


This is one of the few genuine Amazons I have painted, since she comes from a time when Amazons really existed, around 1200 BC or earlier.

Size: 36"x24
Oils on canvas

Red Crest Girl


This was an old airbrush exercise from the early 1980s which hang around the studio unfinished. Painted using only freehand brushes in oil paints, now my much preferred way to paint.

Original artwork for sale. Contact artist for price.

Eagle Rider


Book cover illustration for the 'War of Powers' second part, by Vardeman and Milàn.

Raven's Oath


The design demanded a long narrow picture regardless of the fact that it could only be shown partially on the book cover.

Waterproof inks, gouache and airbrush on illustration board.
Book cover illustration for Raven 4 "Lords of the Shadow".

Standard Bearer

(1978 - 1982)

This started life a s abookcover, but was later published as a poster by Scandecor in 1982. Chris modified the image because publishers were unhappy with breasts being shown. (The original version can be seen on the book cover.) We have a limited number of these posters and they will come signed by Chris.

Bookcover illustration for the 'Raven' series.

Spirit of the Age


For me this painting embodies British Celtic history, represented not just by the maiden but also by the Neolithic standing stones and bleak skies. Commissioned by my friend Bob Hook for a wraparound cover for a replica swords catalogue.

See also "The Fallen Hero", "Moondance" and "Brünhilde".

Oils on canvas.