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Heavy Metal

Commission for the animated fantasy film "Heavy Metal". Chris painted the movie poster illustration, and also designed the look of the female heroine, Taarna. This famous image can still be seen on the cover of the current DVD and video releases.

Commissioned for movie poster.



Special commission by Heavy Metal Magazine for the wrap-around cover edition for the anniversary of the movie.

Size: 30x40"

The First Lady


In the early 1970s I was asked to have a go at painting the female form by the studio where I worked at the time 'The Illustrators and Arts of Gold'. One of their regular clients was Paul Raymond publications and the magazine 'Men Only'. The result is the 'First Lady' which was my first attempt to paint a woman and my first 'Amazon'. It quickly became one of my favourite paintings and subject matter. Now thirty five years later, they are everywhere...

FIRST LADY 1973 Whilst working at Arts of Gold-the illustrators, Chris was asked to produce this painting which was his first glamour illustration

The Mercenary


The costume was later used by Kate Bush when she dressed up as an Amazonian fantasy figure for her promotional video of her big hit Babooska.

Cover illustration for Chris's first book 'Beauty and the Beast' published in 1978.
Also used as cover illustration 'RAVEN I - Swordsmistress of Chaos'.

The Mercenary II

(1998 - 2014)

This is the same character as The Mercenary, the book cover illustration for 'Raven I' also used on Chris's first book Beauty and the Beast in 1978. You see her now marked by years of hardship, war and adventure, but still very beautiful to behold.

Shown here for the first time with recent changes made to it, mostly to the figure’s skin tones.

Original artwork for sale. Contact the artist for price.


(1981 - 1985)

Illustration for a calendar portraying the Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe. Originally painted for the Men Only magazine. Since its publication in the 1983 Amazon calendar, Chris has revised the costume slightly as shown here and had it converted to a figurine.



Brünhilde is one of Wotan's daughters, the Valkyries, who gather up fallen heroes from the battlefield and take them to Valhalla. Painted in 1998, this painting was particularly trying to make use of experience gained from "Eve" and the "Dark Angel". I felt more confident filling up such a large canvas.

Size 4' x 3', 122cm x 91cm
Original artwork for sale. Contact the artist for price.

Valkyrie with Wolves


My first idea was to paint another Native American figure, but as I concenrtrated on the painting, the woman developed her own life and direction. This happens quite often, leading me to ask who is really in control here?



Cover illustration for the art book 'Heroic Dreams' published by Paper Tiger.

Book cover commission.